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perhaps this will be helpful
Hi. I just saw your article about being the house boy and hearing a girl say “I’d never XXXX XX XX XXX XXXX.”[1]

I am an ex-ADPi. If you want to freak them out-here’s something from their ritual:

The Password to get into meetings is “adelphae” pronounced “uh-dell-fay.” It means sisterhood. The handshake involves a regular handshake with your forefinger and middle finger extended out and pressing against the other person’s wrist.

There are two degrees of initiation, the blue degree and the white degree. The white degree is first – it’s where the history of our ritual and symbols are revealed. There are two stars on our badge, the star of truth and the star of hope. The third star is revealed in the initiation and everyone kneels and points and says “lo the star” and then the pledge is blindfolded again. Then you are taken into a room where you read little notes people have written you and stuff and then they come get you again and put a blue collar on you (you wear a white robe). Then you go back and other stuff is said and you take vows. You, your big sister and the president and the treasurer all take a drink of water out of a shot glass and say “I pledge my self and blood of my sisters and of myself to keep this covenant.” You then get pinned with your big sister’s badge and you wear hers until you get yours.

Spread the word. Enjoy.

421 thoughts on “Alpha Delta Pi Tip

  1. You disgust me. These rituals are secret and are what separates ADPis from everyone else, and you have destroyed that. You signed your name and vowed to keep this private and you went against that. Not only are you a disgrace to ADPi, but you have absolutely no integrity. It’s for the best that you are no longer a sister, we need to weed people like you out so our sisterhood isn’t soiled by trash.

  2. Look, I know that some of you all might be unhappy with your organization, but I can not believe that so many of you have exposed the secrets of your ritual. Knowing these secrets is a privilege and should be sacred… There is a reason why they call it a “secret society”. It’s really hard to believe that many of you are alumni, you all are suppose to be our role models and this isn’t exactly the greatest way to do so.

  3. I’m sorry but just because you had issues with one chapter does not give you the right to stomp all over the sacredness of the entire sisterhood. There are thousands of ADPi’s that have never even met you that you have hurt by doing this. This is purely childish. If whatever they did to you was so bad then you should report them. NOT screw over numerous girls that have done nothing to deserve it. Please grow up and have this removed.

  4. I think that it is quite said that you would reveal SECRETS meaning not supposed to be told about ADPI no matter if your an ex-adpi or not. I think it is so disrespectful in so many ways and you should have a lot more class than that. I don’t care how mad you are, or how much you hated it. You took it way too far.

  5. Pathetic waste of time…… next time you want to expose sisters like Try to remember the actual ritual this shit isn’t even real I am betting

  6. What is wrong with you? I don’t know why anyone would try to share the secrets of a tightly knit sisterhood, even though your info is mostly incorrect anyway. Just know that greeks everywhere think you are a piece of shit.

  7. Im an ADPI and this is all wrong first of all. Its really sad that you need to talk about our “secrets” just because you don’t have a life. Its really disappointing that you were ever considered my sister and i am so thankful you aren’t now.

  8. Ladies, I understand your anger but the best way to counter act this is not to yell at her for revealing things, but to deny the truthfulness of all that she said. By speaking out of anger, you’ve confirmed the validity of her statement, and she won.

  9. How dare you reveal the secrets of our sorority. They are secret for a reason. No one else but the members to see. The chapter you were in was completely in the right to kick you out of ADPi. It is rude and disrespectful. This needs to be removed immediately because this is a disgrace. You are not suppose to do that. Thank goodness you aren’t in ADPi anymore.

  10. It makes me happy when people like you, do things like this. All of the rage that these cult freaks feel is hilarious and I commend you for ruining it for them.

  11. I’m a Greek girl, and I think your “Greeks” are so immature. No one here likes you guys or your rituals. But it is nice to know your secret password is so close to my name. Ta leme.

  12. You make me want to vomit. I’ve been an ADPi for over 21 years now and NEVER have I been tempted to reveal ONE SINGLE thing about sacred rituals or anything else. How dare you feel that it’s ok to do such a thing. You are a disgusting individual.

  13. you have no life to post this. the ritual is not accurate, nor is the handshake. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been taken down yet. anyone who tries to look this up that isn’t an adpi also clearly has no life. this means a lot to us and nothing to you.

  14. who ever posted this thread is awesome, i literally love you right now. im in a different organization and this is what i want to do at some point but ill wait till i cross and then like a year..and then tell all of the secrets. im going to do this because the rules and even process are super hypocritical therefore it means nothing. mwahaha

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