7 thoughts on “Zirealism

  1. A tricky one.
    From Urbandictionary.com:

    1. terradactyl
    When a girl gives two handjobs at once, flapping her arms up and down like a terradactyl.

    Becky is such a slut, I saw her giving Alex and Joe a terradactyl.

    So we have all that craziness going on plus it is apparently chiseling into The Thinker which, inexplicably, is made entirely out of penises. The Thinker is said to represent someone lost in sober meditation while battling a POWERFUL INTERNAL STRUGGLE HINT HINT. Why it’s made of penises or a terradactyl is chiseling into it is lost in the mystery of Zirealism.

  2. Thinker
    I believe Antwan may have penises on the brain-he seems to see them in nearly every zirealism…is it an actual pterodactyl or a person in a pterodactyl get-up? Chiseling into the Thinker or sculpting the original? hmm…ah, the mysteries of Zirealism…

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