8 thoughts on “Reader Mail

  1. Zep&Pickled Fear
    A slice of life, huh? I liked it, OK. Anyways, Cleo Vaughn should take some writing lessons, or maybe just finish junior community collitch.

  2. wait...
    is this the person whose name gives as its first google result, the facebook page of a cosplayer?

  3. ~crap~
    …is a matter of opinion..opinion reminds me of onion..onion reminds me of tear ( thats tear as in tear not tear as in tear )…so …tear …gahhhhh i dont even understand me anymore!

    sean did u get my submission? if u cant use it i will keep trying butt not very hard onaccounta just becoz

  4. Yes...
    Yes, thank you King or Prussia, for your faith.

    For anyone who’d like to see the website be less dead, find a way for me to spend less time deleting spam comments (CAPTCHAs didn’t work, spam-identifying web services are better but not totally effective) and more time finding ways to create content.

    perfkt, I got your submission, haven’t really had time to look at it yet… rest assured I will get back to you.

  5. ~okie dokie~
    …was just askin sean …im very patient and way over the hurt of having not recieved my monkey meat…

  6. i think
    Registered users are the way to go. Anarchy on the internet is a lost cause. Form your own little government, take a census, surpress minorities, etc etc.

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