Is This Thing On?

Been a while, huh? What happened?

Me? I was in Germany. For eight years! I hardly wrote about it. I was having too much fun. Four years in Düsseldorf and another four in Berlin now seem like a couple of long weekends spent bar hopping.

I am back in the US now. (With my wife! How ’bout that?)

No, I don’t think we’re getting the band back together (though the band is and always will be welcome to post here).[1] I hear occasionally from posthumous and Jim. Gosh knows what Annna is up to.[2]

Things sure have changed. What happened to all the sites we used to pal around with? The other E/N sites? Remember that? “E/N”? Before people said “blog”? Sex Sex World seems to belong to cyber squatters. Portal of Evil now informs us that the newly-installed Red Hat Linux web server is functional. At least Six Six Five’s still up, though also, it seems, under a thick layer of dust.

I wonder what’s up with the old gang.

Did Jack ever find his hat? Is Wyatt still as tough as he used to be? Is zeP cheating on posthumous with another cartoonist? Has Gary Smee calmed down any?

What has happened to the King of Prussia?[3]

How about the rest of you?[4] Anyone still checking this? What’s going on?

10 thoughts on “Is This Thing On?

  1. Sean! I was randomly reminded of Thingsihate when talking to my boyfriend about my shenanigans on the internet back in the day, and this post is relatively recent! Still alive and living in Stockholm, Sweden, still blogging like a motherfucker on a daily basis. Have you still got that picture of me in my EXCLUSIVE thingsihate tshirt?!

    • Well I’ll be a sunuvagun, I didn’t know you were in Stockholm. Or blogged. What’s the URL? I’m sure I must have those t-shirt pictures here somewhere; I never delete anything. Just not 100% sure where at the moment…

  2. Just a random reader. But I’m so glad this website is starting to see a breath of life. Found it originally in 2002ish, Near the time when we first got a family computer (really late start on our part) and when I drink a few beers at the computer at night, i find myself looking to see if the first websites I ever frequented ever get updated.

  3. Hatless Jack is now a lobbyist and governmental affairs specialist for the Southern US Headwear Association (SUSHA). Sometimes, late at night on long, dark, quiet, winter nights he thinks back fondly on his college days… he’s sold out, he knows. He’s sold out the ideals of that young hatless man.

    In his career they say he wears many hats. He always, always corrects them — deep down he knows he’s really just a Jack of all trades.

  4. About a year ago I discovered this site through one of Anna’s articles. The one about the horrible dungeon master, I believe. I poked around for a bit. Saw what I could see. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the site had been long-abandoned. Forgotten even. I mused briefly and existentially on the transience of all things, and the fact that eventually every site must at some point fall into ruin. And then I forgot about it and fell asleep.

    Anyway, good to see that you’re back.

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